Prayer Please!

Steve and Claudia Lee
Steve and Claudia Lee

From Claudia:

Our trip to Latvia is racing toward us. Steve and I are excited about seeing Peter and Baiba again, about teaching and sharing with the Pastors at the Baltic Pastoral Institute, and about seeking the Lord’s heart for this new family relationship with Matthews Church in Riga, Latvia. We covet your prayers … no, WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS! So here are our prayer requests:

  • Effective preparation time and trust that God will fill up what we lack.
  • Travel mercies as we leave Portland on Wednesday, February 19 and return to Portland on Monday, March 3.
  • To be sensitive to God’s leading and ready to be used of Him no matter what happens during our travel, i.e. delays, lost luggage, whatever!
  • Ease of communication in spite of language and cultural barriers.
  • That God will be our teachers as we teach others.
  • That we will learn from our sisters and brothers in Riga and from the Lord as He reveals His heart for Suburban and Matthews Church.
  • That a deep love and trust will develop quickly between all of us.

Watch this blog and continue to pray for us as we journey toward Riga. In the next couple of weeks we’ll post schedule/itinerary information.

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