Our Trip Ends, But the Journey Begins

Sunday, March 2 — It is hard to believe that in about 7 hours we will be heading to the Riga airport to catch a Lufthsana flight for Frankfurt, Germany for the first leg of our trip home.

The opera last night was quite an experience! The National Opera is topnotch and they presented “The Marriage of Figaro” with professionalism and creativity. We attended as the guests of Peter and Baiba and all of us thoroughly enjoyed the opera orchestra, the staging, the voices — it was all so well done. It think we were all a bit surprised at the rather ribald nature of the story line of this particular opera. I confess, had I done my research ahead of time, we would’ve been more prepared for this as even in Mozart’s time “The Marriage of Figaro” was considered risque. In some ways the impressions I’m left with after the opera are a perfect picture of what I will be praying for Latvia. There is immense national pride here and a treasuring of freedom. The people love music and cherish history. They are cultured and modern in their thought and the culture is challenged by the same things that challenge American culture. They long to grow in the Lord, see others come to Him, and see culture transformed by the light and life of Jesus.

Today Steve and I were blessed by Chuck Kelley as he allowed us to choose one of his paintings to take home. I love this because a painting is the perfect prayer reminder for me. We chose his painting called “Festival of Light Goes to the Opera”. The painting will hang in a very visible place in our home as a reminder to pray for Latvia. I really enjoy Chuck’s paintings. You can see some of his work at the following link or look online for artist Charles David Kelley.


"Festival of Light Goes to the Opera"
“Festival of Light Goes to the Opera” by Charles David Kelley

This morning we returned to Matthews Church and heard Peter preach. It was Communion Sunday and I thoroughly enjoyed the services. A larger choir sang this weekend and did a wonderful job lifting even us English speakers to the Lord. There is a special lectern reserved for the preaching of the Word and Peter stopped and knelt to pray as he stepped up into the lectern. At communion time the men came forward to serve communion all dressed in dark suits. Before serving communion everyone of them knelt around the table to pray private prayers of confession. I loved seeing these men humbly doing this and being the first-fruits of personal confession for this body of believers. Peter’s sermon was good solid Bible teaching from Luke chapter 5.

One other unique and helpful thing at Matthews Church – since Peter is there early and then preaches two services, the ladies of the church provide a snack for him to enjoy in his office between services. There is a half hour between the services and generally Peter doesn’t leave church until 2:00 p.m. which is when the family eats lunch/dinner together. The snack really does tide him over. Although they think of it as a ‘snack’ both weeks that we got to partake of it, the food was wonderful! Colorful, beautifully presented, tasty — something I would expect to see in a very nice deli at home!

Lido Restaurant - Riga, Latvia
Lido Restaurant – Riga, Latvia

Hmmm – I’m not at all hungry, but I seem to be focused on food because now I’m thinking about the amazing lunch we enjoyed! We took Peter, Baiba, Ruta, Felips and Edvards to lunch to say ‘thank-you’ for the way they took care of us during our stay. We went to a unique and HUGE restaurant called “Lido”. Lido has about every type of food you can imagine. The food is cafeteria style and there are stations for fish, chicken, beef, pork, pancakes, salads, desserts, etc., etc. The food was also excellent! So often it seems like cafeteria food is abundant, but not all that appetizing. This was definitely not the case at Lido. The prices are also very reasonable. So if you come to Riga, be sure you try a Lido before you leave!

This has been a trip of many firsts for me and Steve. It has been personally enriching and encouraging. We’ve made many new and delightful friends and gotten to know some ‘already-friends’ much, much better. Even in such a short time we feel we know our Latvian brothers and sisters better and our hearts have been knit together. We still don’t have the full picture of what the future will bring, but we are eager to explore that together. Steve will bring some ideas home to our Missions Ministry Team and soon a group will be called together to help pray into and formulate plans.

Many thanks for each of you who helped support this trip, who have prayed for us over the course of this trip, and who we now ask to pray us home! Thank you to Bill Zipp for maps, and books, and hints and encouragement. And a heartfelt thank-you to Chuck Kelley for his amazing hospitality and helps for us while we’ve been in Latvia. Chuck loves Latvia and he loves the Lord and his evident love reaches into the heart of anyone who spends time with him.

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” Ephesians 3:20,21

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