Summer 2015 Latvia Link Team Prayer Requests

The first day of March and the trip to Latvia is 130 days away. But that feels like tomorrow! Please pray with your Latvia Link Team as we continue preparation for the trip this summer.

  • We need to work out our return date from Latvia to Oregon
  • Scheduling of a meeting for all of us with our travel agent and good airfare prices for the trip
  • That each team member can build a prayer team for the trip
  • There are so many people we want to touch base with and ministry areas we want to see in Latvia. Among those are: meet with Matthews Church Corvallis Link Team; Staff; Board to pray and process how we can best partner together; look into Orphan Ministry; meet with Chuck Kelley and his staff for Partners, the European name for Bridges Builders International; meet with Vesma and Liva from the Baltic Pastoral Institute; continue steps toward eventual publication of Cynthia Bezek’s book “Prayer and the Word of God”. We are praying that God will orchestrate our meetings and have us in the right place at the right time to further His purposes.
  • Cynthia Bezek is still trying to determine if she can come on this trip, please pray into that decision
  • What part, if any, can we plain in building up Peteris Eisans new mission ministry
  • The ‘surprises’ that God will have for us on this trip. We don’t want to miss something we’ve not considered — we want to go eyes open for His plans and appointments

Thank you for praying for us and with us as we continue to move toward our departure date!

Claudia, Liz, Kim, Linda