Challenges and God Appointments — They Seem to Go Together!

We’re here! The pictures above are in random order, but honestly the day is beginning to fade into that! We made it to Portland with time to spare thanks to our prayer warrior sister, Cheryl Black. Three of us had TSA Pre-check (*sweet*), but not Kim. So Kim  decided to take a short side trip before she went through security and then seemed to just plain disappear. We found each other again, but thanks to the major United Airlines computer glitch (thank You Lord that we didn’t fly anything United) our plane for Seattle left significantly late. For reasons none of us have figured out we had to get our boarding passes for the Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt at the boarding gate in Seattle. So, running late, we zoomed to the boarding gate where we waited in a long line of displaced United persons. Once again three of us managed to get our boarding passes and, because of all of the displaced United people taking our previously assigned seats, we were upgraded to business class! But not Kim. More about Kim in a minute, but I have to say that I’ve never stretched out and slept laying down on my side in my airline seat before. And I’m fairly certain I never will again. But it was sweet. A true gift from God.

Back with Kim – the gate clerk was still trying to get Kim ticketed for boarding and they needed us to get on, so on we went telling Kim we would see her inside. But we didn’t. We watched and never saw her come in. After we lifted off Liz went all through the plane looking for Kim. No Kim. We had Kim paged 4 times. No Kim. Lufthansa couldn’t tell us who was in the economy class because they didn’t know. I went through the plane a couple of times looking for Kim. No Kim. We said to the Purser, please tell us if/when you find Kim Simmons. Nothing. Until about 45 minutes before we landed when the Purser came to us and said, “Oh, by the way, we found Kim last night at dinner and forgot to tell you.” By then we had alerted the prayer warriors asking God to get Kim to Latvia and to get us reconnected. Which He did – so praise Him!

By the way Kim was in row 50. We have no clue why we were upgraded and she wasn’t except that she had a God appointment with a Christian woman heading to Moldova on a mission trip. And earlier Linda had a God appointment with Mary a Christian woman who prayed for our mission and Linda prayed for her. And earlier a chance to bless the man at PDX who was playing “It Is Well With My Soul” so beautifully on the airport lounge piano. And later Linda had a long conversation of blessing for a man recovering from alcohol addiction. And I spoke to a young woman from Walla Walla and encouraged her as she preps for Pharmacy School. And Liz spoke with a young expatriate man from Latvia who gave her some great info about Latvia and the area churches of Latvia!

We were met at the airport by Laima, Lauris, from the Corvallis Link Team and Hardijs, the Chairman of the Board of Elders for Matthews Church. And they gave us flowers! I don’t think any of us have been greeted at the airport and given flowers before — we were so blessed! We’ve had a great afternoon of settling in, a little walking tour, and a sweet, sweet time reconnecting with our Sister Laima.

The thing that sticks with all of us as we fade into the sunset tonight is the beauty of a day of meeting God’s people on mission, loving and serving Him, and those He appoints for their day. Praise Him! Praise Him! We can’t wait for tomorrow!

P.S. we get to connect with Laurel Luke tomorrow — we weren’t sure that would happen!

Steve, You've Got To Try This Waiting for a Ride

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