A National Treasure and Treasuring Each Other

Latvian National Library

Today Laima arranged for us to have a tour of the Latvian National Library. This beautiful building was completed just a year ago and has just recently become fully open to the general public. For a brief time after completion portions of it were closed to the public as the Latvian president and staff utilized it for temporary offices. But today we got to see it all — starting with a tour of the 12th floor. The library is beautiful and functional, although we had to admit that we would have a hard time keeping our heads in our books with such a beautiful view right outside our windows.The tour was wonderful and we saw a lot, but I’ll share only about the people’s wall of books. In 2013 the people of Latvia were invited to bring copies of their favorite books to the library to be placed in the People’s Wall of Books. In November they formed a human chain over the bridge to pass them from hand to hand through the cold November weather and get them to the library. The people’s wall of books is impressive — especially when you consider that the first book in it was the Bible! We finished the morning off with lunch in the library’s restaurant, and it was good and restful.

After lunch we took the tram to Baltic Pastoral Institute where we met with Vesma Sandburg, the woman who interpreted for me and Steve when we were here in 2014. It was so good to see her again and catch up with her life. She gave us the tour of the institute and then we sat by the busy city streets drinking cold lattes and visiting about our various ministries. We ended our time together with prayer and then Vesma accompanied us part way to our apartment. We parted ways as she headed to the train station and we headed off to the apartment.

After a quick time of freshening up we ate a fast dinner at “Double Coffee” and then set off to our ‘pick-up’ spot to meet Dace, our ride to a meeting with women from Matthews. We spent an incredibly sweet evening sitting in a beautiful ‘country in the city’ backyard and eating second dinner with a group of wonderful women (and one man!). We each shared a bit about ourselves and our ministry areas. When it was time for dessert we moved inside and immediately after dessert we split into affinity groups and listened to and shared with and prayed with the women of our groups. It was such a sweet time of encouraging and being encouraged in the Lord. I felt so very blessed by the prayer offered over me and I know my sisters felt the same after being prayed for.

This day was rich in relationship! I can’t wait until tomorrow!



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