Good-Bye and Hello!

Today we began our good-byes, but also got to say hello! We left Cesis late afternoon after enjoying the combined worship service of the Baptist churches. Once again we saw so many people we knew and got to give them one last hug before we left for Sigulda and Martina and Sandijs’ home. We said a mini-good bye to Laima, but hold onto hope that we will see her again for a bit before we leave. She is even dearer to us now than she was after her visit to Corvallis. It will be hard to leave her, but maybe we can entice her to come see us again!

Marcus, the young man who was our driver on our Baltic Sea day, very graciously transported the three of us to Sigulda today. We love him so much and once again nearly demanded that he come to the states and see us! Here’s hoping he can make that happen some day!

Sigulda is beautiful and Martina took us on an extended walk not too long after our afternoon coffee break with her. It is so good to be here and see Martina’s home and meet her family. What a blessing! Tomorrow it is supposed to rain — we are divided in thoughts about tomorrow between doing some driving or just staying cozy in the home and talking! Hard to pick between the two!

Time here draws short and everyone else is downstairs talking and laughing! I’m off to join them. Love to all of you back home! 🙂

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