Homeward Bound

This is an early post. We have today in Sigulda, then to our airport hotel at 7pm and a brief overnight before we head to the airport at 4am tomorrow morning. I’m pre-posting because I’m not sure it will be possible to post tonight. If it is, I will update with a few details and pictures.

Martina, Liz, Linda, and I along with Monta will take a trip of about 1/2 an hour today to visit Riga Bay. Our plan is simply to walk and wade and talk — and spend a time of prayer sitting on the white sands together. An added joy to this trip is that Laima is joining us! She is taking a train from Riga right to the bay-side community we will be visiting. We look forward to being together again and wish only that Kim could join us. 🙂

I remember as a girl who loved to ride horses that the minute I turned my horse toward the barn it could become a tug of war if that horse was ‘barn sour’. The lure of the barn and a stall with hay was strong and I had to work to keep my horse on the course that I set instead of on a bee-line for home. That is the tug at work in me and my team members now. We are so eager to see husbands and home and you again! So today, pray that we can press in and really savor every sight and sound and relational moment. I don’t want to lose a thing here to my longing for there!

So many words evoke new memories for us now … key, lock, Mary Poppins, cord, carpet bag, pray and prayer, hospitality, ‘she who wanders is not always lost, she is sometimes Kim’, I’ve always got my eye on you’, and on and on. As we’ve processed our days here one of the concepts that raises to the surface is that relationship and building relationship is critical for Sister churches. Eating together, visiting one another, sharing what we have without concern for what we don’t have, listening, praying, dreaming — these things come with knowing one another and being together. This is a challenge when our homes are 5,170 miles apart. Thank God for Facebook and email and Skype and Facetime!! It is so much easier to stay connected now than ever before. And thank God for prayer and the power of connection and encouragement in praying. As we enter our last day in Latvia, the team is praying into a time not many months from now when individuals and/or families from Latvia come to visit us! We might be calling you to prepare and eat a meal with these new friends, or to take a couple of Latvians on a tour of some place uniquely Oregon, or ???? We can guarantee that you will be blessed as you enter into the lives and hearts of this people! Please continue to pray for Matthews Church leadership and congregation as they continue in their process to call a new Pastor. They are praying for us as we enter into this process too!

Thank you for your prayers and support as we’ve prepared for and experienced this trip. You have blessed us beyond anything we could have hoped or imagined! See you soon!

Over and Above Slide - End of Service

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