The Gift of Hospitality — The Gift of Family

I’m upstairs for just a moment wanting to capture what I’m feeling. Liz, Linda and I are still in Sigulda at Martina’s home. We spent this rainy day touring the area in Martina’s car along with her friend (and our new friend) Monta. We saw so many beautiful sights and got to have our picture taken in a bobsleigh and just enjoyed visiting together as we traveled the area.

But do you know what is the best? Just being here watching Sandijs and Martina exercise the gift of extreme hospitality. This week the three of us are here visiting from Oregon. Martina’s sister is here visiting from the east coast — soon to be Washington, D.C. Mark and Carol Ann are here visiting from England. Martina’s friend Monta was with us today and tonight at the table. And over the course of the day we meet two different friends of Sandijs and one of those friends and his young brother also joined us at the table. Fifteen of us sat down to a delicious one pot dinner that Carol Ann and Mark put together for us. It was so good and I promise you it seemed to be the widow’s cruse of oil and the pot of flour. There were leftovers even after all of us had eaten as much as we wanted. We laughed and enjoyed each other and just plain had a good time! Not to mention a wonderful Latvian honey cake that Mark and Carol Ann picked up and ice cream that we brought to the table to say ‘thank-you’ to the kids for letting us displace them from their beds. This is community. This is life. This is sweet.

I think all of us on the Latvian Link team hope to bring this treasure of hospitality back with us to the states. Honestly, although they are immensely blessed, at the same time by the standards that american’s enjoy Martina and Sandijs have little. But their home is open, their table is shared and the love and joy are palpable.

Just now I’m hearing a piano and praise music from downstairs! I need to join in!

Lord -continue to bless Martina and Sandijs with every good thing they need that they might continue to bless others in Your Name!

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