Prayer Updates – 5.26.2016

Volleyball Camp Prayer Requests and Praises

Praise – T-shirts have been ordered. Due to arrive only one day prior to departure so please pray that they arrive on time.

Mission moment video has been well received and has been spreading through Facebook around the world (since our Latvia partners have been sharing as well).  Not quite the viral response as “Chewbacca Mom” but we will take what we can get.

Registration is going well.  There are already several campers signed up and marketing is just starting.

Prayer Requests – Over and Above offering is this weekend.  Pray that God will provide for all expenses both anticipated and even for those things that are not anticipated ( He knows).

PRAISE – We just heard from Arnija in Latvia that Matthews Church has some printed copies of the Gospel of Luke available and we can distribute those to the campers! ANSWERED PRAYER!  (Still working on how we can send home some kind of Gospel message with the campers. There are a couple of options so pray for clarity.)

Carol is still praying and processing through what and how to share each day with the campers.  Also, the other members of the team will be sharing so pray that God provides just the right words to plant seeds of His love.

Arnija is still working on lining up translators for the team while we are there.

Pray that God would continue to build the relationships between Matthews Church and Suburban Christian Church during this trip.


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