It was the last day at camp.  It’s really funny how you can bond with kids in just five days even when you don’t speak the same language (although about half the kids spoke English to us and I think the other half could understand us when we spoke).

I have converted them to my side.  "Go Beavers!"
I have converted them to my side. “Go Beavers!”

We heard so many positive comments from the kids.  “I wish it were two weeks long”. “I can’t wait for next year”.  One young boy was particularly sad (fighting tears) during the morning workout.  Roberts came alongside him and eventually he confessed that he was sad that the camp was ending. (if I knew how to add an emoji here it would be a sad face)


In the afternoon the coaches played a 3 on 3 scrimmage for the kids.  Brian even got to play, and did quite well for having never played volleyball before.  It was a fun time and the kids enjoyed watching and cheering.

IMG_2888 IMG_2894 IMG_2902


At the end of camp each kid was called up and presented a diploma signed by all the coaches, a DVD with athlete’s testimonies (provided by Athletes in Action) and the Gospel of Luke in Latvian.

Coaches signing diplomas.
Coaches signing diplomas.


Please join us as we continue to pray that God will use this experience to encourage those at camp who are already Christians, and to plant seeds in the hearts of the rest.

Philippians 1:6  “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”



Day 4 of camp.  Today I started to recognize that these kids have really improved their volleyball skills.  One camper was overheard saying he wishes this was a two week camp.  I don’t think the coaches would survive another week.

IMG_2819 IMG_2827

After lunch I finally pulled out the gold medal.  I talked about my experience playing a supporting role and how to be a good teammate.  I was also able to contrast Artis’ testimony with mine.  While Artis turned to drinking and partying, I tried to be good enough on my own.  Neither way will get you closer to salvation.  Since they are familiar with sand volleyball I used the analogy of sand sticking to your skin like sin sticking to us.  We can’t “play” in this world without having sin stick to us.  And just like we need a shower to wash the sand off, Jesus will shower off the sin when we repent and make him Lord.

IMG_2828 IMG_2830

We followed up my talk with the bead project that Kim Simmons prepared for us.  Brian told the salvation story using the beads and everyone seems to understand.

Gatis is preparing an evaluation form for the kids to fill out.  It will give us some feedback on the camp as well as offer an opportunity to indicate if they would like to learn more about Jesus.  It will also if they would like to come to Sunday School at Matthews Church.



After camp we had dinner with Hardijs, Gatis and his son, then headed back to the apartment.  It’s our first night off since we arrived.  It’s good to have some time to debrief now that camp is almost over.


Tomorrow is the last day of camp.  Pray that the kids will be impacted by the experience of being at camp this week.  Pray that follow up with the kids will be fruitful.  Pray God’s blessing on our fantastic volleyball friends who have sacrificed so much time and energy to serve these kids (and us).


DAY ????

What day is this??? Day 5? Day 6? It’s starting to blur together.  I’ll try and give you a quick update on activities from the past two days .

Tuesday was focused on setting and serving skills.  It was a bit easier on the arms of the little ones.

IMG_2718 IMG_2708

After lunch Artis, one of our Latvian volleyball players, gave is testimony.  We were privileged to have it translated for us.  It was a very strong story of  redemption.  After turning to a lifestyle of alcohol and partying he finally hit bottom and cried out to God.  His wife (not married then) was very influential in his faith journey.  It was one of the first time he has given his testimony publicly so it was a special moment.

This is one of our Latvian coaches.  His name is Artis.  He has quite a testimony which he shared with the kids after lunch.
This is one of our Latvian coaches. His name is Artis. He has quite a testimony which he shared with the kids after lunch.

After camp we made arrangements to meet with Chuck Kelly for a tour of Old Town Riga.  We headed out on foot for what was supposed to be a 20 minute walk.  After 15 minutes we arrived at a bridge and I had a bad feeling that something was wrong.  Sure enough I had lead everyone in the opposite direction of Old Riga.  We had to turn around and now take another 35 minute walk in the other direction.  I have now been officially relieved of all navigation duties.


We had a wonderful dinner with Chuck, then started what will be one of the highlights of the trip: Chucks personal stories and fascinating historical facts about ancient, and even recent, events.  It really gave us a great backdrop from which to understand all that Latvians have been through.  They have great reasons to treasure their freedom.

IMG_2747 IMG_2750 IMG_2743

Wednesday camp went well.  We focused on hitting and played some six on six games.  I was able to find some beach balls at a nearby store that worked much better for the youngest kids.

IMG_2768 IMG_2770 IMG_2777 IMG_2792I spoke after lunch again today.  I am still finding it difficult to communicate through an interpreter (although my interpreter is great).  I just never feel confident that I’m communicating well.  I’ll be sharing again tomorrow so I would appreciate the prayers.

After camp it was divide and concur.  Laura and Audrey were invited to play sand volleyball, with Gatis and Ance, so they returned to the Olympic Center while Brian and I went to the youth service at Matthews Church.  With school out, and the university students studying for finals, the attendance was only about 10 or 12 (half of their usual size) We enjoyed some sweet worship time (Latvians really know how to do worship) and a short message on 2 Peter 2.

Afterwards Brian and I walked back to the Olympic Center to meet Laura and Audrey.  We got caught in an absolute downpour (complete with thunder and lightning). Gatis offered to give us all a ride home but he discovered he had a flat tire so we all walked home in the rain.



We are now back at the apartment drying off and warming up.  It’s 11:45pm and there is still a little light outside.  I’m not really sure it ever gets completely dark at night.  I usually wake up about 3:00am and it’s quite light out by then.

Looking forward to another great day at camp tomorrow.





First official day of camp.  Laura and Audrey greeted the kids and gave an overview of the camp. Gatis opened the camp with prayer. Brian started things off with a fun group warm up.





The morning include 2 hours of skill assessments.  Then, during the lunch break, the coaches divided the kids into groups by skill level.


The afternoon session focused on passing.  After a little more than an hour of passing drills several kids had red forearms.  At one point one of the youngest girls decided to sit with her arms hidden under her legs, so she wouldn’t have to pass the ball anymore.  That’s when we decided to cut instruction a little short on the first day, and just have free-time for the last hour.  After all, we do want them to come back for the rest of the week.  Tomorrow we focus on setting and serving.  That should be less painful.


Afterwards, we were invited to dinner by a family from Matthews Church, whose son was attending camp.  Again, we enjoyed a delicious meal with gracious hosts.  We would have liked to stay longer to visit, but a couple of us were falling asleep on their couch.



  • Camp went well today but we recognized some areas that we can improve on. Pray that the details run smoothly tomorrow.
  • Pray for safety for all the kids. We would love an injury-free camp
  • Pray for the lunch/free time activity.  That it would honor God and speak to the kids




The sun is shining again today. We started the day with the discovery of a fabulous pastry/coffee shop just a couple blocks from our apartment.  After breakfast we headed to Matthews Church for the 11:00 service.

We had an opportunity to greet the congregation let them know why were were there.  It was interesting that the sermon was on Phillpians 2 (the same passage that Steve preached on the Sunday before we left).

After service we enjoyed some “Latvian/Canadian” pizza, and then headed upstairs to experience the service they call “The Least of These”.  Over 200 people, most living on the streets, gathered to sing and hear about God’s love for them.  We were introduced and had an opportunity to give a greeting to this service as well.

The gentleman at the piano started coming only two weeks ago.  He doesn’t know the songs, but just listens and starts playing.  It makes you wonder what his story is.

Then we were accompanied by Hardijs, Robert and Lauris to Rundale Palace about an hour outside of Latvia.  The palace and grounds were beautiful.  A stark contrast to the Soviet bunker from the day before.

We finished the day with dinner at the home of Hardijs and his family.  Again another delicious meal enjoyed with wonderful people.


It’s now the next day.  The first day of camp.  Laura and Audrey have worked well with Gatis and Ance to put together a program we think will be beneficial for the age and skill level of the kids.  Oh, and we are now up to 52 kids.  It seems everyone is excited for the camp.  Gatis keeps referring to this as the “first camp” implying that this may grow into an annual event.  It’s such an honor to be a part of this process.


Please pray that camp will go well today.  That the kids all have fun and leave with a sense of how God works through all areas of our lives, even sports.


Photos from Saturday, June 11th

Courtyard view from our third story apartment in Riga. 
Audrey in front of beautiful Latvian architecture.
Audrey in front of beautiful Latvian architecture.
Quick stop at a local coffee shop near our apartment.
Quick stop at a local cafe near our apartment.
We found a local thrift store where everything was .75 euro (about $0.81).
We found a local thrift store where everything was .75 euro (about $0.81).
Underground in the secret Soviet bunker. It was a very eye-opening tour.
Underground in the secret Soviet bunker. It was a very eye-opening tour.
Small detour to see the river in Ligatne.
Small detour to see the river in Ligatne.
Meal time! We ate at this quaint little café.
Meal time! We ate at this quaint little café.
And the food was incredible, especially the vegetable pancakes.
And the food was incredible, especially the vegetable pancakes.
Next stop: bobsledding! We learned it's very popular in Latvia.
Next stop: bobsledding! We learned it’s very popular in Latvia.
We're extremely grateful for Hardijs, our wonderful host for the day.
We’re extremely grateful for Hardijs, our wonderful host for the day.
Our last stop was a Latvian cave with carvings on the walls.
Our last stop was a Latvian cave with carvings on the walls.
The cave.
The result of a long, memorable day.
The result of a long, memorable day.


Day 2$301-text-Latvian%20Power%20Bunker.html

Today we experienced a “flash back” into Latvian history under Soviet occupation.  We visited the Soviet underground bunkers, about 2 hour’s drive outside of Riga.  It’s amazing for me to think that when I was in Italy playing basketball in 1982, the Soviets were building this bunker so their leaders would escape a possible nuclear attack by the United States.

It is a stark reminder that we need to pray for our countries leaders.  The lives and livelihoods of so many are in the hands of those few who have been placed in positions of leadership, either by force or by democratic process.

Latvia declared their independence from Russia in 1991, so freedom is fresh in their history.  I pray they would continue to enjoy their freedom.  I also pray that we in the United States would not take ours for granted.  Pray for our leaders!

1Ti 2:1-4 1 “I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people– for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.”


Currently used as a rehabilation center this building was originally built as a resort for Soviet leaders.  No one knew about the secret underground bunker or questioned the odd placement of green cylinders around the property.  The green cylinders were fresh air intakes for the bunker.
Currently used as a rehabilation center this building was originally built as a resort for Soviet leaders. No one knew about the secret bunker located nine meters underground. Neither did they questioned the odd placement of green cylinders around the property. The green cylinders were fresh air intakes for the bunker.
Well, this wasn't actually the hotline to the Kremlin but we did see the real one.  We just were'nt able to play with it because it's actually a working line.
Well, this wasn’t actually the hotline to the Kremlin but we did see the real one. We just were’nt able to play with it because it’s actually a working line.
Soviet bunker lunch. It wasn’t very colorful but it was tasty.
Instructions on how to dress in case of nuclear attach. Just in case you wanted to know.
I passed gas... mask exam.
I passed gas… mask exam.

Day 1.5

It’s been a long day.  I can’t believe that it was only this morning (36 hours ago) that we met at the church to begin our journey.


Flights went very well.  The youngsters don’t remember back in the day with everyone on the plane had to watch the same lame movie.  Now we each have an assortment of movies, games and music.  It helps make the flight go faster.

Leg room is still a problem.

KneesBut Brian did manage to get some shuteye, until the flight attendant rammed the beverage cart into his knee.  Ouch… that’s gonna leave a mark.

BRS sleep

We were greeted by the smiling faces of Gatis and Arnija.  They took us for our first taste of Latvian food and culture.  It was awesome!

First Dinner


The apartment is great – photos to come.


We made a quick stop at the Olympic Center.  Gatis gave us a tour and oh yea, mentioned that the final registration count is (drum roll please) 51.  BIG PRAISE!


To finish off our 36 hours day we attended an “All Night” church event at Matthews Church.  Once a year churches in Riga, and around Latvia, celebrate on the same night. The theme is the same across all churches. This year’s theme was “Light”.

Matthews Choir

Matthews Church has the most amazing choir.  I could hardly believe this was a church choir.  In Latvia they take choir very seriously.  They also featured an amazing guitarist.  The concert lasts until midnight but we just couldn’t hang for the whole time.

One quick stop at the grocery store and we are now back at the apartment and ready for bed.


Tomorrow we meet with the Latvian coaches to go over all the camp details. Pray that God would lay out the plan and that there would not be too many details overlooked.

Pray for the kids who will be attending.  Final count is 51.  That’s officially a sellout. Pray that their hearts would be open for what God has for each of them.

Pray for myself and the other coaches who will be sharing our testimonies throughout the week.

Pray that we create deeper connections with Matthews Church.

Pray that we all get some good sleep tonight.  (Hopefully I won’t look at this blog post in the morning and find a bunch of mumble jumble)

Good Night



The Journey Begins — 6.9.2016

Latvia Team and VanCarol Schaudt, Brian Schaudt, and Audrey Smith

The Suburban Latvia Link Volleyball Camp Team is off! A small group of us gathered this morning to pray and wish Carol, Brian, Audrey and Laura (via FaceTime) Godspeed as they head to Latvia. Laura is already in Portland, so she is going to ‘Uber’ it over to the airport to meet the team.

Today would you please join in praying for travel mercies, good connections, and legroom? The team has already been provided TSA Pre-Check (thank you Lord), so that will speed them along as they check in today.

Tomorrow our Latvia connections Arnija and Gatis will pick the team up at the Riga, Latvia airport — 5,000 miles away from home! Aren’t today’s travel capabilities amazing?! By the way, many thanks to Rodney and Logan Knous for taking the team to the airport. 🙂

Latvia Team With Laura Via Facetime

Carol Schaudt, Brian Schaudt, Audrey Smith with Laura Schaudt on FaceTime

All My Bags Are Packed…

It’s almost time.  Just some last minute packing and double checking of details and the team is ready to take off tomorrow morning.


  • There are currently 48 kids registered for camp!
  • The t-shirts have arrived!  We picked them up this afternoon and they look great.  We ordered a couple of extra long shirts (Schaudt-sized) and yes, they are long… very long.
Extra Long – They weren’t kidding
  • I’m working on squeezing in 75 additional t-shirts into my luggage.  If I have to open my suitcase at customs it’s going to look like I’m not a very stylish traveler.

Packing T's


  • For safe travels tomorrow.  Brian and Audrey will be traveling up from Eugene in the morning.  Laura will find her own way to the airport (via Uber). Rodney will be driving us to PDX and dealing with the morning traffic. Pray that we all arrive and make it through TSA screening on time.
  • For Laura and Audrey (the two volleyball coaches) who will be using the 14 hour flight to work out the final details of the camp schedule.
  • Pray that God would prepare the hearts of the kids to receive what God has for them at camp.
  • Pray for all the coaches, both American and Latvian.  We will all be sharing at some point during the week.  Pray that God would give us the right words and break through language barriers.

Thank you for all you prayer and support.  We are eagerly anticipating what God has planned.