All My Bags Are Packed…

It’s almost time.  Just some last minute packing and double checking of details and the team is ready to take off tomorrow morning.


  • There are currently 48 kids registered for camp!
  • The t-shirts have arrived!  We picked them up this afternoon and they look great.  We ordered a couple of extra long shirts (Schaudt-sized) and yes, they are long… very long.
Extra Long – They weren’t kidding
  • I’m working on squeezing in 75 additional t-shirts into my luggage.  If I have to open my suitcase at customs it’s going to look like I’m not a very stylish traveler.

Packing T's


  • For safe travels tomorrow.  Brian and Audrey will be traveling up from Eugene in the morning.  Laura will find her own way to the airport (via Uber). Rodney will be driving us to PDX and dealing with the morning traffic. Pray that we all arrive and make it through TSA screening on time.
  • For Laura and Audrey (the two volleyball coaches) who will be using the 14 hour flight to work out the final details of the camp schedule.
  • Pray that God would prepare the hearts of the kids to receive what God has for them at camp.
  • Pray for all the coaches, both American and Latvian.  We will all be sharing at some point during the week.  Pray that God would give us the right words and break through language barriers.

Thank you for all you prayer and support.  We are eagerly anticipating what God has planned.



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