The Journey Begins — 6.9.2016

Latvia Team and VanCarol Schaudt, Brian Schaudt, and Audrey Smith

The Suburban Latvia Link Volleyball Camp Team is off! A small group of us gathered this morning to pray and wish Carol, Brian, Audrey and Laura (via FaceTime) Godspeed as they head to Latvia. Laura is already in Portland, so she is going to ‘Uber’ it over to the airport to meet the team.

Today would you please join in praying for travel mercies, good connections, and legroom? The team has already been provided TSA Pre-Check (thank you Lord), so that will speed them along as they check in today.

Tomorrow our Latvia connections Arnija and Gatis will pick the team up at the Riga, Latvia airport — 5,000 miles away from home! Aren’t today’s travel capabilities amazing?! By the way, many thanks to Rodney and Logan Knous for taking the team to the airport. 🙂

Latvia Team With Laura Via Facetime

Carol Schaudt, Brian Schaudt, Audrey Smith with Laura Schaudt on FaceTime

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