The sun is shining again today. We started the day with the discovery of a fabulous pastry/coffee shop just a couple blocks from our apartment.  After breakfast we headed to Matthews Church for the 11:00 service.

We had an opportunity to greet the congregation let them know why were were there.  It was interesting that the sermon was on Phillpians 2 (the same passage that Steve preached on the Sunday before we left).

After service we enjoyed some “Latvian/Canadian” pizza, and then headed upstairs to experience the service they call “The Least of These”.  Over 200 people, most living on the streets, gathered to sing and hear about God’s love for them.  We were introduced and had an opportunity to give a greeting to this service as well.

The gentleman at the piano started coming only two weeks ago.  He doesn’t know the songs, but just listens and starts playing.  It makes you wonder what his story is.

Then we were accompanied by Hardijs, Robert and Lauris to Rundale Palace about an hour outside of Latvia.  The palace and grounds were beautiful.  A stark contrast to the Soviet bunker from the day before.

We finished the day with dinner at the home of Hardijs and his family.  Again another delicious meal enjoyed with wonderful people.


It’s now the next day.  The first day of camp.  Laura and Audrey have worked well with Gatis and Ance to put together a program we think will be beneficial for the age and skill level of the kids.  Oh, and we are now up to 52 kids.  It seems everyone is excited for the camp.  Gatis keeps referring to this as the “first camp” implying that this may grow into an annual event.  It’s such an honor to be a part of this process.


Please pray that camp will go well today.  That the kids all have fun and leave with a sense of how God works through all areas of our lives, even sports.


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