First official day of camp.  Laura and Audrey greeted the kids and gave an overview of the camp. Gatis opened the camp with prayer. Brian started things off with a fun group warm up.





The morning include 2 hours of skill assessments.  Then, during the lunch break, the coaches divided the kids into groups by skill level.


The afternoon session focused on passing.  After a little more than an hour of passing drills several kids had red forearms.  At one point one of the youngest girls decided to sit with her arms hidden under her legs, so she wouldn’t have to pass the ball anymore.  That’s when we decided to cut instruction a little short on the first day, and just have free-time for the last hour.  After all, we do want them to come back for the rest of the week.  Tomorrow we focus on setting and serving.  That should be less painful.


Afterwards, we were invited to dinner by a family from Matthews Church, whose son was attending camp.  Again, we enjoyed a delicious meal with gracious hosts.  We would have liked to stay longer to visit, but a couple of us were falling asleep on their couch.



  • Camp went well today but we recognized some areas that we can improve on. Pray that the details run smoothly tomorrow.
  • Pray for safety for all the kids. We would love an injury-free camp
  • Pray for the lunch/free time activity.  That it would honor God and speak to the kids



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