DAY ????

What day is this??? Day 5? Day 6? It’s starting to blur together.  I’ll try and give you a quick update on activities from the past two days .

Tuesday was focused on setting and serving skills.  It was a bit easier on the arms of the little ones.

IMG_2718 IMG_2708

After lunch Artis, one of our Latvian volleyball players, gave is testimony.  We were privileged to have it translated for us.  It was a very strong story of  redemption.  After turning to a lifestyle of alcohol and partying he finally hit bottom and cried out to God.  His wife (not married then) was very influential in his faith journey.  It was one of the first time he has given his testimony publicly so it was a special moment.

This is one of our Latvian coaches.  His name is Artis.  He has quite a testimony which he shared with the kids after lunch.
This is one of our Latvian coaches. His name is Artis. He has quite a testimony which he shared with the kids after lunch.

After camp we made arrangements to meet with Chuck Kelly for a tour of Old Town Riga.  We headed out on foot for what was supposed to be a 20 minute walk.  After 15 minutes we arrived at a bridge and I had a bad feeling that something was wrong.  Sure enough I had lead everyone in the opposite direction of Old Riga.  We had to turn around and now take another 35 minute walk in the other direction.  I have now been officially relieved of all navigation duties.


We had a wonderful dinner with Chuck, then started what will be one of the highlights of the trip: Chucks personal stories and fascinating historical facts about ancient, and even recent, events.  It really gave us a great backdrop from which to understand all that Latvians have been through.  They have great reasons to treasure their freedom.

IMG_2747 IMG_2750 IMG_2743

Wednesday camp went well.  We focused on hitting and played some six on six games.  I was able to find some beach balls at a nearby store that worked much better for the youngest kids.

IMG_2768 IMG_2770 IMG_2777 IMG_2792I spoke after lunch again today.  I am still finding it difficult to communicate through an interpreter (although my interpreter is great).  I just never feel confident that I’m communicating well.  I’ll be sharing again tomorrow so I would appreciate the prayers.

After camp it was divide and concur.  Laura and Audrey were invited to play sand volleyball, with Gatis and Ance, so they returned to the Olympic Center while Brian and I went to the youth service at Matthews Church.  With school out, and the university students studying for finals, the attendance was only about 10 or 12 (half of their usual size) We enjoyed some sweet worship time (Latvians really know how to do worship) and a short message on 2 Peter 2.

Afterwards Brian and I walked back to the Olympic Center to meet Laura and Audrey.  We got caught in an absolute downpour (complete with thunder and lightning). Gatis offered to give us all a ride home but he discovered he had a flat tire so we all walked home in the rain.



We are now back at the apartment drying off and warming up.  It’s 11:45pm and there is still a little light outside.  I’m not really sure it ever gets completely dark at night.  I usually wake up about 3:00am and it’s quite light out by then.

Looking forward to another great day at camp tomorrow.



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