Day 4 of camp.  Today I started to recognize that these kids have really improved their volleyball skills.  One camper was overheard saying he wishes this was a two week camp.  I don’t think the coaches would survive another week.

IMG_2819 IMG_2827

After lunch I finally pulled out the gold medal.  I talked about my experience playing a supporting role and how to be a good teammate.  I was also able to contrast Artis’ testimony with mine.  While Artis turned to drinking and partying, I tried to be good enough on my own.  Neither way will get you closer to salvation.  Since they are familiar with sand volleyball I used the analogy of sand sticking to your skin like sin sticking to us.  We can’t “play” in this world without having sin stick to us.  And just like we need a shower to wash the sand off, Jesus will shower off the sin when we repent and make him Lord.

IMG_2828 IMG_2830

We followed up my talk with the bead project that Kim Simmons prepared for us.  Brian told the salvation story using the beads and everyone seems to understand.

Gatis is preparing an evaluation form for the kids to fill out.  It will give us some feedback on the camp as well as offer an opportunity to indicate if they would like to learn more about Jesus.  It will also if they would like to come to Sunday School at Matthews Church.



After camp we had dinner with Hardijs, Gatis and his son, then headed back to the apartment.  It’s our first night off since we arrived.  It’s good to have some time to debrief now that camp is almost over.


Tomorrow is the last day of camp.  Pray that the kids will be impacted by the experience of being at camp this week.  Pray that follow up with the kids will be fruitful.  Pray God’s blessing on our fantastic volleyball friends who have sacrificed so much time and energy to serve these kids (and us).


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