Day 1.5

It’s been a long day.  I can’t believe that it was only this morning (36 hours ago) that we met at the church to begin our journey.


Flights went very well.  The youngsters don’t remember back in the day with everyone on the plane had to watch the same lame movie.  Now we each have an assortment of movies, games and music.  It helps make the flight go faster.

Leg room is still a problem.

KneesBut Brian did manage to get some shuteye, until the flight attendant rammed the beverage cart into his knee.  Ouch… that’s gonna leave a mark.

BRS sleep

We were greeted by the smiling faces of Gatis and Arnija.  They took us for our first taste of Latvian food and culture.  It was awesome!

First Dinner


The apartment is great – photos to come.


We made a quick stop at the Olympic Center.  Gatis gave us a tour and oh yea, mentioned that the final registration count is (drum roll please) 51.  BIG PRAISE!


To finish off our 36 hours day we attended an “All Night” church event at Matthews Church.  Once a year churches in Riga, and around Latvia, celebrate on the same night. The theme is the same across all churches. This year’s theme was “Light”.

Matthews Choir

Matthews Church has the most amazing choir.  I could hardly believe this was a church choir.  In Latvia they take choir very seriously.  They also featured an amazing guitarist.  The concert lasts until midnight but we just couldn’t hang for the whole time.

One quick stop at the grocery store and we are now back at the apartment and ready for bed.


Tomorrow we meet with the Latvian coaches to go over all the camp details. Pray that God would lay out the plan and that there would not be too many details overlooked.

Pray for the kids who will be attending.  Final count is 51.  That’s officially a sellout. Pray that their hearts would be open for what God has for each of them.

Pray for myself and the other coaches who will be sharing our testimonies throughout the week.

Pray that we create deeper connections with Matthews Church.

Pray that we all get some good sleep tonight.  (Hopefully I won’t look at this blog post in the morning and find a bunch of mumble jumble)

Good Night




The Journey Begins — 6.9.2016

Latvia Team and VanCarol Schaudt, Brian Schaudt, and Audrey Smith

The Suburban Latvia Link Volleyball Camp Team is off! A small group of us gathered this morning to pray and wish Carol, Brian, Audrey and Laura (via FaceTime) Godspeed as they head to Latvia. Laura is already in Portland, so she is going to ‘Uber’ it over to the airport to meet the team.

Today would you please join in praying for travel mercies, good connections, and legroom? The team has already been provided TSA Pre-Check (thank you Lord), so that will speed them along as they check in today.

Tomorrow our Latvia connections Arnija and Gatis will pick the team up at the Riga, Latvia airport — 5,000 miles away from home! Aren’t today’s travel capabilities amazing?! By the way, many thanks to Rodney and Logan Knous for taking the team to the airport. 🙂

Latvia Team With Laura Via Facetime

Carol Schaudt, Brian Schaudt, Audrey Smith with Laura Schaudt on FaceTime

All My Bags Are Packed…

It’s almost time.  Just some last minute packing and double checking of details and the team is ready to take off tomorrow morning.


  • There are currently 48 kids registered for camp!
  • The t-shirts have arrived!  We picked them up this afternoon and they look great.  We ordered a couple of extra long shirts (Schaudt-sized) and yes, they are long… very long.
Extra Long – They weren’t kidding
  • I’m working on squeezing in 75 additional t-shirts into my luggage.  If I have to open my suitcase at customs it’s going to look like I’m not a very stylish traveler.

Packing T's


  • For safe travels tomorrow.  Brian and Audrey will be traveling up from Eugene in the morning.  Laura will find her own way to the airport (via Uber). Rodney will be driving us to PDX and dealing with the morning traffic. Pray that we all arrive and make it through TSA screening on time.
  • For Laura and Audrey (the two volleyball coaches) who will be using the 14 hour flight to work out the final details of the camp schedule.
  • Pray that God would prepare the hearts of the kids to receive what God has for them at camp.
  • Pray for all the coaches, both American and Latvian.  We will all be sharing at some point during the week.  Pray that God would give us the right words and break through language barriers.

Thank you for all you prayer and support.  We are eagerly anticipating what God has planned.



Prayer Updates 6.7.2016


This is happening! On Thursday morning this week Suburban’s Volleyball Camp team heads to PDX and then off to Riga! The camp starts next Monday, June 13 and continues through Friday, June 17. We covet your prayers!


  • T-shirts are ordered
  • There are 40 campers registered
  • The on-the-ground schedule is arranged to include a pre-camp meeting on Saturday
  • Travel to and from the airports is arranged
  • The over and above offering was very generous


  • That God will provide for all financial eventualities.
  • That each team member, American and Latvian, will “conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the gospel and stand firm in the one Spirit, striving together as one for the faith of the gospel.” (Philippians 1:27)
  • That all volunteer resources needed will be present and nothing will interfere with their participation.
  • For travel mercies and a rich time of all around blessing for our team and those partnering in Latvia.
  • That all involved in this 12 day adventure will have FUN!
  • That God would continue to build the relationships between Matthews Church and Suburban Christian Church during this trip.

Thank you for your partnership in praying for and supporting this trip. Stay tuned — Carol will post as often as possible during the trip. The schedule will be VERY full, so pray that she will be able to find time to update us – BUT regardless of if we hear from her or don’t, please keep praying!

Team Pictures

Prayer Updates – 6.1.2016


Prayer warriors,
Thank you for your ongoing prayers for the Latvia team Summer Volleyball Camp trip. It is incredible to realize that the team leaves next week! Here is the update for today, June 1, 2016.


  • T-shirts are ordered
  • Registration is going well
  • The on-the-ground schedule is coming together
  • Travel to and from the airports is arranged
  • The over and above offering was very generous


  • The Over and Above offering really was quite generous and we praise God and the church for this truth. Continue to pray that God will provide for all financial eventualities since not all expenses have been incurred to this point.
  • Carol is still praying and processing through what and how to share each day with the campers.  Also, the other members of the team will be sharing so pray that God provides just the right words to plant seeds of His love.
  • Arnija continues to seek translators for the camp.
  • Gatis continues to seek coaches for the camp. The camp is covered, but it would be good to have one or two more coaches.
  • We are at 28 campers registered, but really want a minimum of 36, preferably 48! Pray that we’ll see many more registrations in this last week of sign-up.
  • Pray for travel mercies and a rich time of all around blessing for our team and those partnering in Latvia.
  • Pray that God would continue to build the relationships between Matthews Church and Suburban Christian Church during this trip.

Thank you Prayer Warriors!!!