One More Day….

Surprise! The Volleyball Team isn’t leaving today after all!

Team member Carol Schaudt has the blessing of being the first name on the team’s airline reservation. So she was contacted late yesterday and told that the first leg of the team’s flight to Riga was detained and would arrive in Portland too late for them to make their connecting overseas flight from the East coast.  Re-booking was the order of the night. Carol stayed up until the wee hours (actually until about two hours before we planned to leave Corvallis this Thursday morning) working with airline booking agents to get the team to Riga on Friday. It was a no go. Instead most of the team will leave for PDX tomorrow morning, Friday, June 16 and arrive in Riga on Saturday, June 17.

Please pray for:

  • the revised reservations to work and for the team to arrive safe and sound on Saturday, June 17
  • one team member, not traveling from PDX, will arrive late Friday night. Arrangements are in place for this member to be met at the Riga airport and transported to the team’s Air BnB. Pray travel mercies for this team member and peace in an unexpected situation
  • last minutes details — there is opportunity in this change, pray that team members will capitalize on that opportunity as the Lord leads
  • our friends from Matthews Church as they also juggle plans and schedules to adjust to the changes.

Thank you for your prayers and please keep on praying! We trust that this change is an answer to your prayers. We know that God is the Master Scheduler and even United Airlines can’t overthrow the plans of our Lord!


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