Last Day of Camp

It’s finally here and it’s already here: the last day of Volleyball Camp.  It’s been a long week and yet it seems it has gone by so quickly.  Breakfast seemed to last a little longer than usual as campers and coaches visited.

Laura opened camp with a reminder of our Camp Verse:  Colossians 2:23.  It was exciting each morning to have a different camper volunteer to recite the verse from memory.  Brian got the kids all warmed up and Tayla led the group in some ball control drills.  We followed up with some relays but the kids just didn’t seem to have the energy level this morning so we had to break out the candy.  Nothing like a little sugar reward to bring out the enthusiam sleeping inside of them.

We finished off the morning by breaking into teams based on skill level and playing variations of six on six volleyball, relay races, and finished with the campwide favorite game, laydown tag.

Lunch was our last meal together.  We tried to make a point of connection with each of the kids during mealtimes throughout the week.  After lunch Matiss and Marci herded the kids upstairs to the conference room.  Today Gatis and Ance had an opportunity to share their testimonies.  Although we couldn’t understand what they were saying the kids all seemed attentive.

After lunch we were able to give out this year’s camp t-shirts.  I have to admit Gatis did a much better job of estimating the correct sizes for the campers.  Last year half the campers were swimming in their shirts.  After taking a team photo Marci made herself available to take individual and buddy shots for any camper who wanted them.  There were a lot of kids who enjoyed getting photos with their friends and with the coaches (especially Tayla, Laura and Brian).  Connecting with the families to receive their photos is a great opportunity to follow up after the camp.

The afternoon was pretty laid back.  We played some games, then finished with some six on six games.

The awards ceremony started about 4:40.  Gatis had certificates printed that all the coaches signed.  Each camper was called up and received candy, a certificate and a cup of delicious fresh strawberries.

Then it was time for hugs, high-fives and good-byes.  Camp was great!

As a thank you to the coaches and camp helpers, the Suburban team treated everyone to a delicious dinner at a new Italian restaurant in Riga.  The pizza and pasta were delicious, but the best part was getting together with our good friends.  We are looking forward to leaving Riga tomorrow to head out of town for a Mid-Summer Celebration in Uzava.  We will stay Friday night in Uzava then return Saturday evening.  My understanding is that we shouldn’t plan to sleep much but that’s nothing new for me.  Stay tuned.

– Carol Schaudt

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