We have arrived in Latvia!

Travel from the U.S. to Latvia was a success! The trip was smooth sailing, the entire way. What this really means is, there’s not much to say about a trip that we are really thankful turned out so easy. The proof of that is in Ahnika’s smile.


Even with the great travel, it’s quite an adjustment to Latvian time and seemingly endless daylight. Our goal for the last day has been to get used to day time hours. We spent some time exploring near our apartment, which is located within an easy walk of Old Town Riga.


Incidentally, Latvia is celebrating 100 years. As a non-local, I’m a little confused since I know it’s been a country for such a long time, but many of those years they weren’t in control. Despite that, plenty of celebrations seem to be planned.

Today turned out to be a pleasant surprise during our visit of Matthews Church. The service was an installation of a new Baptist bishop for Latvia. We had translators to help us follow along as the leaving bishop gave a message of encouragement to the incoming bishop, and the new bishop accepted his new role. One of the details that stood out in my eyes was to see the support of the leaders of many churches and denominations within Latvia for this special event. Of course, the singing and music during the service is always pleasing to experience.


Here are just a couple photos of some leaders sharing some words and encouragement for the new Baptist bishop

Sunday-6Sunday-7Finally, here’s a photo showing all the leaders with the new bishop.


The final hours of our day will be spent in preparation with Gatis to ensure the camp for the local youth will be a positive impact upon their lives. We are excited for the camp to finally start!

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