Waiting for the Brabovskis Family

The 2018 Volleyball Camp Team
SCC’s 2018 Volleyball Team (left) with Matiss, Elina and Emma Babrovskis (center) and Ance and Gatis Olte (right).

See that darling little baby in the picture? That is 14 month old Emma Babrovska, daughter of Matiss and Elina. Emma and her parents are coming to visit Suburban in exactly 1 month! They touch down at the Portland Airport on Thursday, October 11 and will join the Suburban family in a six week internship for Matiss and frankly, we can’t wait!!!

A little back story — Matiss is currently the Youth Pastor at our Latvian sister church, Matthews Church in Riga. For the last two summers Matiss has been a huge part of the program portion of the Volleyball Camp that Matthews Church and Suburban partner together to provide. It is such a blessing that he is fluent in English and can bridge the language gap for us Americans. Everyone from the SCC camp team loves and respects Matiss so much and really believe he is a gifted servant of the Lord. In addition, over the last two years Matiss has been a student at the Baltic Pastoral Institute¬† (BPI) studying to become a Pastor, now entering his third and final year of studies.

A year ago in October Steve, Claudia, Mike and Randy visited Matthews Church to join in their 150th anniversary celebration. While we were there the idea was raised of Matiss coming to Suburban for an internship during his third year of BPI. After a year of prayer and planning this internship is becoming a reality!!

Please join us in continued prayer as we work on the detail planning related to this visit. So  much is ready Рfinancial provision through a couple of generous donors, a place to stay, a car to use, scheduling of various opportunities for Matiss, for Elina, and Emma to enjoy. But there is more to come, so your prayers are much coveted! And of course, please pray for travel mercies on the journey and for God to teach us all through this amazing adventure!

And in just a few short weeks, be sure to look for Matiss, Elina and Emma in the halls and gathering places of Suburban. You won’t want to miss an opportunity to say ‘hi’ (or maybe ‘ciao’ pronounced chow … yes I know it is Italian, but Latvians say it too!!!) to this sweet family.