Youth Camp 2019 Recap

It’s hard to believe Youth Camp ended almost SIX weeks ago. In some ways it feels like hardly any time has passed.

A typical day at camp was busy and eventful. Our days would begin bright and early with team meetings (and a healthy dose of coffee) before the rest of the campers woke up. After our team meeting, we would meet up with the campers for our “morning exercises” (choreographed dancing to 80’s pop songs) before eating breakfast together. Breakfast was followed by a time of music and a devotional, which was the topic of our small groups directly after.

Our team was put in charge of overseeing the main group activity of each afternoon, which was also loosely tied into the theme of the day’s devotional. The first day’s activity was a scavenger picture hunt designed to help the campers and leaders get to know each other and bond.

Day two’s group activity put the campers’ “Hope” to the test in a relay-style game where each team would take turns choosing from ten brown lunch bags, each containing a different combination of bite-sized snacks, and eating the contents. A few fortunate campers were able to enjoy a sugary treat, while others had their hopes crushed when they realized they had to eat combos such as an Oreo with horseradish or Skittles in soup.

Note: This picture was clearly taken BEFORE Taylor realized he would have to eat a Marshmallow-Herring Sandwich…

The third and final group activity of the week brought a whole new set of challenges for the campers as we put their “Heart” to the test, both figuratively and literally. Students were put through several variations of tag, a tug of war tournament, and number of other high-energy games to get their hearts pumping.

In between devotionals and group activities, campers and staff had plenty of time to enjoy the sprawling campus, which lended itself nicely to a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities. We were even able to introduce flag football to the campers as many of them had never played before and were only familiar with the local “futbols” (soccer).

After a jam-packed and fast-paced day, by the time evening rolled around, all the staff and campers were wiped out and ready for bed by 9:00pm…

…oh wait…that might have just been the staff.

Following each evening devotional, the campers miraculously received a second wind and were ready for every activity that was planned for that night. Evening events included activities such as: a camp-wide game of Capture the Flag, watching a movie, and a truly inspirational talent show to list a few.

The talent show even featured some of our own team members assuming their on-stage alter egos. Brandon and KC gave stunning performances as Judge Simon and a unicorn (we’ll let you figure out which one was which). Meanwhile, Anastasija captivated the audience as MC Gloria Gonzales and Zach dazzled (literally) in the musical trio “Fabelicious”.

Most nights, by the time the activities were finished, we were well into the wee small hours of the morning. Tired and sore, we would each slowly find our way back to our respective cabins, turn in for the night, and recharge for another day of actioned-packed games, thought-provoking devotionals, and countless hours of joy-filled laughter.