One More Day….

Surprise! The Volleyball Team isn’t leaving today after all!

Team member Carol Schaudt has the blessing of being the first name on the team’s airline reservation. So she was contacted late yesterday and told that the first leg of the team’s flight to Riga was detained and would arrive in Portland too late for them to make their connecting overseas flight from the East coast.  Re-booking was the order of the night. Carol stayed up until the wee hours (actually until about two hours before we planned to leave Corvallis this Thursday morning) working with airline booking agents to get the team to Riga on Friday. It was a no go. Instead most of the team will leave for PDX tomorrow morning, Friday, June 16 and arrive in Riga on Saturday, June 17.

Please pray for:

  • the revised reservations to work and for the team to arrive safe and sound on Saturday, June 17
  • one team member, not traveling from PDX, will arrive late Friday night. Arrangements are in place for this member to be met at the Riga airport and transported to the team’s Air BnB. Pray travel mercies for this team member and peace in an unexpected situation
  • last minutes details — there is opportunity in this change, pray that team members will capitalize on that opportunity as the Lord leads
  • our friends from Matthews Church as they also juggle plans and schedules to adjust to the changes.

Thank you for your prayers and please keep on praying! We trust that this change is an answer to your prayers. We know that God is the Master Scheduler and even United Airlines can’t overthrow the plans of our Lord!


It’s almost time

The final preparations are being made before leaving for Volleyball camp in Riga, Latvia on Thursday.  Camp registrations continue to come in and the team is preparing for a great camp.

Thank you to everyone who has come up and told us that you have been praying for us.  It means so much to know that every detail of this trip is bathed in prayer.  We feel so supported by the members of Suburban.

Please continue to pray:

For travel.  Carol, Brian, Erik and Marci will be traveling from Portland.  Laura will be traveling from the Philippines. Tayla will be traveling from Texas.  We all arrive at different times so there will be some coordination needed. Pray for safe travels and that we will adjust quickly to time change as we will be adjusting from several different time zones.

For the Coaches.  Some of the Latvian coaches will be back from last year’s camp, but there will also be some new faces.  Pray that communications and coordination of activities goes well.  Pray that we are sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit throughout the day during gym sessions and meal breaks.

For the Campers.  We expect that there will be several kids returning from last year’s camp.  We are excited to renew our relationships with them and to meet new campers.  Pray that their hearts will be ready to receive what God has for them at this year’s camp.

For the Lunch Program.  We have a 2 hours lunch break and have planned a variety of activities to build relationships with the kids and share what following Christ means to us.  Marci will be working with Mattis from Matthews Church on activities to best utilize this valuable teaching time.

For Erik, as he connects with people from Matthews Church and gathers information for the creation of the timeline gift to be presented to Matthews Church at their 150th Anniversary Celebration.

Again, thank you all for your continued support.  We will try and post updates often during our trip.





Prayer Requests for Volleyball Camp 2017

Tickets are purchased, T-Shirts are on order, and the Summer Volleyball Camp team is raring to go! We are less than a month from a 4:30 am trip to PDX to launch Suburban’s volleyball team on their trip to Riga.

Our team leaves here on Thursday, June 15 and arrives in Riga on Friday, June 16. Volleyball Camp begins on Monday, June 19 and continues through Thursday, June 22. Our team arrives home in split shifts — Erik returns on Saturday, June 24 and the rest of the group returns on Tuesday, June 27 — the same day they leave Riga, but 24 hours later — go figure!

We are dreaming together with Matthews Church of kid’s lives touched and growing in the knowledge of Jesus and in the knowledge of who they are — of dreams and aspirations for lives lived well in Christ. So to that end, would you please pray with us?

  • Pray for the final preparation details to fall into place in a way that gives glory to God
  • Pray for travel mercies for our team and opportunities to connect even in the journey
  • Pray that our technology will work well so the team can keep us updated throughout this trip
  • Pray that the team meshes well and that each will get to exercise their gifts to the benefit of the whole
  • Pray for ever-deepening relationships and that through these relationships God will reveal His further purposes
  • Pray for Erik as he sits down with various leaders and members of Matthews Church to hear and capture the church’s history so that he can create our gift to Matthews – a timeline of their 150 years of serving God as Matthews Church
  • Pray for FUN!!!!

Did you miss out on the Mission Moment highlighting the Volleyball Camp project? You can watch it at the link below. We SO appreciate and covet your prayers over this trip. May God bless you with remembering to pray regularly for us and with joy as together we watch Him answer to His glory!