Projects and Prayer Requests

Since Steve and Claudia Lee returned from their trip in March, the Latvia Link team has continued to meet and pray seeking the Lord’s heart and plans for the Sister Church relationship with Matthews Church. As of August 2014 there are two Sister Church connections in process, one that will come to at least a first fruit this October and one that is being prayed into possibly for summer of 2015.

Connecting Matthews Church and Suburban Church’s Women

While in Latvia Claudia had the opportunity to meet and teach a group of 40 to 50 women from Matthews Church. The teaching was on prayer with some of the material presented taken from the 6 week study “Prayer Begins With Relationship” by Cynthia Bezek. The women of Matthews Church were very appreciative of the teaching. In addition Claudia was blessed to connect and share with several young Pastor’s wives through the time that Steve and Claudia taught at the Baltic Pastoral Institute.

Through these connections a deep hunger in the women for teaching and for study resources in the Latvian language became obvious. Because the Latvian market is small, not many publishers go to the expense of publishing resources in the Latvian language. Many of the people speak English and some do so quite fluently, but there is still a significant portion of the population that do not know English.

This October 24th and 25th Suburban’s Women’s Ministry has invited author Cynthia Bezek to come and teach at the annual Jubilee Women’s Conference. She will be teaching on the topic “He Calls Me Friend: Deepening Your Relationship With God” and will spend a significant portion of time teaching on prayer. Recently Ms. Bezek has published a second six week study on prayer “Prayer and the Word of God.” With the permission of Cynthia’s publisher, Prayer Shop Publishing, this new study guide is currently being translated into Latvian in hopes of publishing it in Latvia at some point in the future.

Suburban has invited two of the women Claudia met in Latvia to come to Suburban and attend the Jubilee Women’s Conference to hear Cynthia’s teaching. Laima Dravniece comes from Matthews Church and enjoys leading small group Bible Studies. Martina Livena-Aizupiete and her husband Sandijis serve the Sigulda Church in rural Latvia. Laima and Martina will spend time with women from Suburban and together we will explore how to build a deeper connection with one another. When they return home we hope they can lead groups of women through “Prayer and the Word of God” in a field test of the translation into the Latvian language. Our long-term hope is that Cynthia could travel to Latvia to teach women there and introduce the translated “Prayer and the Word of God.”

Please pray with us into this dream. Specific prayer requests include:
** Finalize itineraries for Laima and Martina’s travel to the States
** Planning of an encouraging and deeply connecting itinerary for their time here
** Cynthia Bezek as she plans for and prays into her teaching for Jubilee Conference
** Anete Abola as she works on the translation of the study guide
** God to continue to reveal His full purpose for the women of Corvallis and Latvia

Connecting Matthews Church and Suburban for English Camp

Another idea in the early dream/prayer stage is partnering with Matthews Church to provide an English Camp sometime this coming summer (2015). This idea is in the very early stages, but broad-brush it would include planning and accomplishing an English Camp with Matthews Church for the Riga area of Latvia and possibly as an outreach in a nearby country.

Please pray:
** For clarity of vision around the English Camp idea
** God’s choice of individuals to partner together from both churches
** That English Camp will be a powerful outreach opportunity

Join Us In Praying for Latvia and International Outreach on Sunday, September 14 at 6:00 p.m. in Suburban’s Room B-3!

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