And They’re Off!


Our Volleyball Camp team headed to Portland for an 8:30am flight to Dulles in Washington D.C. at oh-dark-thirty this morning. One of Suburban’s Elders, Jason Nelson, prayed over the team as they left and he and his wife Christina are graciously providing chauffeur service for the team’s trip to Portland.

Some of you will see this post first thing this morning — please pray for travel mercies as the team begins to make their way across miles and time to Latvia. Pray for resilience as the team will likely have some surprises in the midst of this travel time. Pray for the ability to be completely in the moment – both for this time of travel and then for the time in Latvia – present to the Lord and each other for whatever He puts before them each and everyday.

As we visited before the team left, it also dawned on me that each of them is leaving tasks and relationships that are important to them here in the States. Please also pray for the families that will be carrying on for the next 10 days with a beloved family member not as near at hand. Pray peace, ease of logistics, and God’s abundant grace for these families over the next couple of weeks.

And in all things may God be glorified and His purposes accomplished!



Volleyball Camp 2018 – Year Three, Here We Come!


There’s still a bit of packing to complete and a few days of school to finish, but those things aside Suburban’s Volleyball Camp team is ready to head to Latvia! Praise to the Lord and His generous people, the trip is fully funded. In addition to helping Matthews Church, our sister church, with the third Volleyball Camp, Suburban’s team also has the privilege of helping out Bridge Builder’s International missionary Katie Leatherwood. Katie is a Prosthetist and she uses this skill to serve amputees in Latvia. Our team will carry a box of donated prosthetics with them and meet Katie at the Riga airport to hand the box off to her.

Randy Tryon, his daughter Ahnika Tryon, Marci Bacho, Aleasha Nelson, and Laurel Luke leave Portland this coming Thursday, June 14 and will arrive in Riga on Friday, June 15. Volleyball Camp begins Monday, June 18 and continues through Friday, June 22. We covet your prayers for them as they go! Pray for:

  • Travel mercies – safe and smooth travel with good relationship building along the way.
  • Stamina – the trip is arduous and running a week long day camp with 50 kids aged 11 years through 16 years is strenuous even without jet lag.
  • Speedy transitions – the ability to quickly settle into a new place, new pace, and new relationships.
  • Team work blessings – that the Latvian and American coaches and volunteers will quickly meld to be a blessing to one another and to the kids.
  • Connections – this trip is all about connections! Connections for the coaches and team mates and volunteers. Connections for the coaches with the kids. Connections between Matthews Church and Suburban Church. Connections between the Lord and His people and those who have yet to know His great love.
  • FUN!!! Every trip to Latvia has been a delightful time of appreciating Latvian hospitality, getting to know new people and getting to know old friends even better.

Thank you for your support and prayer for this trip! Stay tuned to this page as the team will try to complete a daily log of the trip.